Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Small Business, Big Opportunity

I have found a great little book for those of us trying to build a business in Australia. It is called Small Business, Big Opportunity and it is free! Sensis has teamed up with best-selling author Rob Hartnett to produce the Guide.

It is a really comprehensive guide covering start ups through to business building.

The chapters are:
Chapter 1: Small Business in Australia
Chapter 2: The entrepreneurial
Chapter 3: Marketing to drive
Chapter 4: Marketing
Chapter 5: How image and brand drive
Chapter 6: Developing your unique buying
Chapter 7: Finding more of the right customers
Chapter 8: Turning browsers into buyers
Chapter 9: Winning the customer's heart
Chapter 10: Creating advertising that sells
Chapter 11: Making your message seen
Chapter 12: Local area marketing
Chapter 13: Direct marketing
Chapter 14: Driving results with directory advertising
Chapter 15: Virtual profits - an overview of digital marketing
Chapter 16: Search engine marketing
Chapter 17: Broadcast media
Chapter 18: Print media
Chapter 19: Outdoor advertising
Chapter 20: Public relations
Chapter 21: The road ahead

You can download the chapter that is relevant to you or download the whole book. You can even order a printed version to keep, and it is all free.

This is a wonderful book so grab a copy or download it now.