Sunday, June 24, 2007

Top 5 Image Boosters (for those difficult mornings)

Some days it is an effort just to get out of bed. How hard is it to find something to wear and make yourself look presentable on that sort of morning?

Here are my Top 5 Image Boosters for really hard mornings.

1. Decent Underwear.
There are two reasons for this. Firstly, nothing makes you feel better like wearing your gorgeous lingerie. It almost sends subliminal messages of confidence to the brain. On a day when you need a boost, lingerie can give it to you.

Secondly, well fitting lingerie, especially your bra, can take years off your appearance. Nothing makes you look older or more rounded than a chest that sits on your belly. It is definitely worth being professionally fitted for a good bra.

2. Bronzer.
My skin is naturally pale but some days it can look washed out. A light dusting of bronzer is enough to give me some instant health. If your skin is fair keep the bronzer light in colour. You don't need a lot to make a difference, but you can dust it across your face and neckline to add colour. If you are scared of the thought of a bronzer at least use a little blush on your cheeks.

3. Lipstick.
I have to admit that lipstick is a lifesaver. It adds colour to your look and gives a finished look to your appearance.

4. Favourite Outfit.
When the morning is this hard, you will feel best in your favourite outfit. Sometimes a new outfit can energise you, but it can also be a bit of hard work sorting accessories to match. Stick with the familiar. It has proven itself, you look good in it and you know exactly what to team it with.

5. Jewellery.
Jewellery has many uses other than decorative. It finishes your look. Careful placement can attract the eye to your best features. On a bad day, it can distract the eye from your tired features too. Don't go overboard with it, but select a piece with definite style and impact.

6. Perfume.
OK, I cheated. I just can't go anywhere without perfume...... A quick dab boosts me straight away. In fact, if I can find a perfume to suit my pj's I might skip the first 5 steps altogether!

Now get up and get going!